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Overwhelmed? Faced with a crisis? We’re here to help.

Our clients tend to share a common emotion after working with A Senior’s Choice: Relief.

This is what we do. We have done the research, we understand the pressure and the process, and we’re here to help you navigate this difficult time with advocacy and compassion.

A Senior’s Choice spends quality time with families who are ready to look at and choose the proper resources for their aging loved ones. We help you explore different levels of senior in-home care, living communities including independent, assisted, memory care, enriched care, private family adult homes, or skilled nursing care, taking into consideration their locations, community size, licensure, and costs. You’ll have many questions during this process, and we are here to answer every one.

But where will I find the time?

The complexities of today’s working family make it difficult for you to devote the extra time required to research all the available resources. A Senior’s Choice handles what can be time consuming, but necessary work. We make the calls, introductions, appointment and tour times. We go over with you some important legal matters which will help pave the way through this new journey of transitions.

For many families, this transitional time can be very stressful, emotional and financially concerning. With A Senior’s Choice by your side, you’ll have the time needed to care for your loved one, keep a sense of normalcy, and above all: be their pillar of strength during this very important step.

Let us help you give them the quality of life they are so deserving of.